BIM Modeling Services

We add value to your design with our experience since 1986.

Modeling and Analysis of Reinforced Concrete and Steel structures with Revit+Robot.


Our team of structural engineers, technicians and software developers we are able to provide design revisions without much hassle. Through our expertise with Revit, Robot, Dynamo and our custom software we are able to support our clients with complex designs and projects.


Structural BIM

Building Information Modeling is a new technology that assists building experts to model and test the constructability of the design within the model prior to setting foot on the project site. Thus enables experts like us to manage revisions easily until the project drawings are approved by the authorities. 

Advantages of BIM

  • The highest efficiency of Structural Analysis with BIM integrated software such as Autodesk Revit and Robot Structural Analysis
  • Value Engineering throughout the modeling and coordination process
  • Improvements on coordinating construction sequencing
  • Increased cost estimation accurracy
  • Analyzing design options
  • FAST-TRACK enabled workflow where the design stage overlap with ongoing construction (information is handled in a just-in-time way)

Autodesk’s REVIT is the most widely utilized BIM authoring software in the Industry. We have been utilizing REVIT since its inception and has built an exceptional know-how. We count with a very strong expertise on Structural Modeling and Analysis, specifically focused on helping General Contractors and Trade Contractors on the coordination process.


Enchanced Modeling with in-house Software

Creation of an object-based database with BIM makes it possible to work more efficiently and synchronously at every step of the project process in comparison with the conventional. In order to reduce the tension caused by the workload and time consuming tasks, we aimed to establish an Algorithm Aided BIM such as custom designed software for information extraction and automated drafting with the use of AutoLISP programming.

Building Information Modelling is often regarded as extra work by the designers with fixed fee contracts, however we have the right technologies to effectively manage construction activities. We have already established corporation-wide mechanisms of staff training and project standards to facilitate the diffusion of BIM in our subsidiaries.

As it is required to submit 2D project documentation for regulatory approvals, we have integrated the BIM approach with our own developed library of engineering software to automate the generation of 2D shop drawings in accordance with region specifications.

We use an efficient workflow for providing Structural BIM Services with integrated tools


We have harnessed the power of BIM to create the most efficient workflow for the production of high quality shop drawings.

The physical Revit model gets created with standard templates. Custom families produced and placed in the model. General plans and detailing is being done and anotations gets automatically adjusted upon any design change.


The Revit Analytical model automatically gets created when the Physical model is modelled. But here we need to define the Loads and assign them to the analytical elements. Another critical point is to check and adjust the Analytical Nodes properly in order to carry out the Structural Analysis correctly.

Revit Analytical Model

While building the structural model, precision issues or inaccurate analytical modeling may introduce some errors such as analytical nodes not connected to each other. Thus Finding the unconnected nodes manually becomes a huge deal for a structural engineer. FDN application which we developed will remove the hassle of manually checking the connectivity of each node, and save our time tremendously.

Find Double Nodes Plug-in

When the analytical model is ready it is transferred to Robot Structural Analysis for the calculations. If the results are not satisfactory we always have the option to revise in Revit and loop the cycle once more. Once the calculation results are satisfactory, we extract the design and results data with Robout app to use it in AutoCAD to generate the shop drawings.

Over the years we have developed substantial library of engineering software in AutoCAD with the AutoLISP programming language. Our software uses design data, that is gathered from Robot or other analysis program, to automatically draft the structural elements; Beam, Column, Floor, Wall.

For the Steel structures we use Autodesk Advance Steel which is integrated with both Revit and Robot. Therefore accelerated steel design, detailing and fabrication has been ensured.

Changes and revisions happen in different phases in construction.
We ensure the
design change management with BIM Modeling.

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