R2R: Transfer Offsets


R2R: Transfer Offsets is a Revit add-in to find and transfer offsets of beam and column elements

When modeling in Revit, sometimes beams and columns do not frame into the center of the columns or grids by design. This means a beam’s center line do not connect with the column’s center point. It causes a difference between the physical model and the analytical model.

These offsets are not transferred by default (Revit-Robot link). We developed this app to calculate the offset value, then transfer and define the required amount in Robot Structural Analysis. 

In conclusion, calculations of Robot Structural Analysis will be more accurate and mistakes won’t happen.

R2R: Transfer Offsets

Interoperability of Revit and Robot sometimes lacks necessary features.
For example for Structural Beams both Z and Y directional offsets are not being sent to Robot Structural Analysis.
R2R: Transfer Offsets will calculate offset values. You can set calculation method either Local or Global Offsets. Just make sure you set the Marks correctly in both models.
Robot will not get justification offsets via Revit-Robot Link. Using R2R: Transfer Offsets you can also transfer y-z offset justifications.
Once you click Transfer Offsets, offsets will automatically be transferred and defined in the same Bars in Robot Structural Analysis.

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