Find Double Nodes


Find Double Nodes is a Revit add-in to find analytical nodes that are close to each other but not connected in the Analytical Model of Revit.

It is vital to set up the Analytical Model properly in order to carry out the Structural Analysis correctly. While building the structural model, precision issues or inaccurate analytical modeling may introduce some errors such as analytical nodes not connected to each other.


Changes in the Revit Physical Model effects Analytical Model which often cause nodes to get unconnected. Now you won't hessitate making changes in the physical model because you can fix unconnected nodes with FDN!


Have you been manually checking each analytical node? Thanks to FDN you are no longer need to check node connectivity of your model. FDN will do it for you with one click!​


With FDN you can check your whole model automatically and it will list you the unconnected nodes. Select double nodes and isolate them and just zoom to nodal area to correct those double nodes.


You can interact with Revit while you are using FDN. You do not need to close and reopen the application and work along with your model.

Using FDN will significantly improve your Structural Analysis process!

As structural engineers build the physical structural model in Revit, the analytical model gets created in parallel on-the-fly. Once structural modeling is finished, the Analytical model is transferred to the Structural Analysis Software to make the structural calculations. 

Before sending the Model to the Structural Analysis Software, finding unconnected nodes is a huge deal. If they are not corrected there will be instability type errors.

Find Double Nodes will automatically check the node connectivity of the Analytical Model. The user can zoom into the area by clicking zoom and see (the relevant elements) with an isolated view. By isolating, it gets easier to analytically adjust and correct the error. Furthermore, modeless window provides a smooth workflow. You can interact with Revit while you are using FDN. This is a huge plus as you do not need to close and reopen the application and work along with your model.

Why FDN?

FDN will remove the hassle of manually checking the connectivity of each node, and save your time. By listing the unconnected nodes, you can correct those nodes before sending your model to analysis. Especially in larger models where it is hard to see the connectivity.


This app is a helpfull apps in case you have a large model with small discrepancies that you can't find alone the app find it for you, isolate it and help you adjust it.
Mostafa elashmawy
Structural Engineer
This Add-in on Revit is a handy application, especially when a revit model with some minor imperfections has come to the office! Saves time and efforts! There are some more features that could be included in the future, but so far it's still a very useful tool.
Konstantinos Vazouras
Structural Engineer
"After using and thorough testing of 2 days, all I can say is, this plugin is simply awesome Try it and you'll love it!"
Ronald Neely
BIM Technician
This app is really useful, it found detached nodes in my big model. Saved my time, brilliant!
Paul Edwards
BIM Technician

Frequently asked questions

Once you download the plugin, it comes with a limited functionality mode, where some of its features are not enabled. However, you can get 3-day free trial license by clicking License and Try. Doing so, you will automatically get 3-day license.

After 3 days, your license will be expired and the plugin will return to the limited functionality mode. If you like it, you can purchase it monthly or yearly. Please contact support for payment options.

Our licensing scheme is per seat-based and your license is specific to the computer which you have placed your request. You need a specific license for every workstation you intend to use our programs. Please contact us to have a quote for volume licensing.

The academic licensing is to be only used by non-commercial purposes. Those intending to use FDN for educational and research purposes can contact us to acquire academic licensing. It is available free of charge for University members and students.

Yes, it is certainly possible to use FDN while working on analytical edit mode. Just launch FDN before entering to analytical edit mode and you can use while editing your analytical model.

Our products are non-refundable. We want to ensure that you are %100 satisfied so we provide free trial licenses before you purchase any of our products. 

We release updates on every new version of Revit. However, we can also make releases according to the user feedback and bug fixing. We highly appreciate user feedback and offer free licenses to our users for bug reports.

Tell us your requirements and let us an app for it!

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