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Adopting a new technology means much more than just buying hardware and installing the software. So we are specialized in helping and guiding companies on BIM Implementation from A to Z. Thus, some highlights of our work are included below and showcase our ability to deliver for our clients.

BIM Implementation Diagram
Without a firm BIM Implementation throughout all parties, it is not possible to achive the benefits of BIM.

Use BIM Technology in Architecture and Engineering

Through a firm BIM Implementation, you will achieve a joint collaboration environment and you can greatly enhance your projects’ outcome. Hence, we help clients all around the world and enable them to profit from this technology.

Better Design

To establish BIM Implementation effectively, we set the foundation and enable everybody to work by the rules of the BIM Execution Plan. After setting the base we ensure all parties to follow the collaborative approach that has set in the begining of the project.

BIM Issue Tracking

You will never be able to build high-quality BIM data without an integrated issue management system. Because, integrated design involves collaboration and that means communication. 

Communicate and Resolve

Detecting issues is one thing; making sure that they are resolved is something else. Because, conventional tools like spreadsheets and e-mails are old. That is to say, now you can faciliate all communication on a cloud driven plug-in. More importantly, issues detected by Navisworks or other model-checking software becomes easy to access and transparent to all parties.

BIM Implementation with Issue Tracking
A special issue report with custom filtered parameters. Namely, you will always have the right information in hand with an Issue Tracker and have a clash-free model on-site.
BIM Implementation with Common Data Environment
A CDE is the single source of information used to collect, manage and disseminate documentation, the graphical model and non-graphical data for the whole project team.

Common Data Environment

You will have a single source of information with a specialized CDE and manage your project’s files. In other words, the project data is configured such that the produced information will be easy to collect and share amongst the project teams. In addition, this process ensures correct data exchanges and model/data integration with timely coordination.

Standards that fits for your needs

We establish complete set of rules, and workflows to help your organisation to avoid losing time and reach your objectives. After that we provide remote project support through online meetings to project participants where its needed.


We make sure that all critical items in BIM Implementation are performed throughout your project. Therefore both contractors and the design teams are happy with the outcomes and profit the BIM Technology advantages.

BIM Implementation with enhanced coordination

BIM Coordination

BIM Coordination helps contractors and all the disciplines work together in discovering conflicts before they become major problems. Using 3D BIM Models, built from the contract/tender documents, clash detection is performed. Once clashes are found, then the responsible party is assigned, and collaborative process begins. An effective BIM Coordination requires desktop/cloud integrated workflows.

BIM Process Automation

Enable automation in your built environment because automation is fundamental for leveraging the Building Information. For instance, using Dynamo duct or pipe openings can be added at floors or walls automatically. There are many reasons to automate. Above all, ensuring model/data integrity and avoiding human errors makes the difference.

Remote Support

Remote Project Support

Eventhough a BIM Execution Plan has set before the BIM process, and explains all the details, some teams will need extra support throughout the project. So we provide both local and remote support to project participants through online meetings, desktop sharing, pre recorded videos and step by step tutorials. Project Support can be delivered on-site or remotely or a combination of two.

Reports Audits and Quality Checks

Reports & Quality Checks

Never assume model quality will happen by itself. Because project parameters integrity for clash detection and coordination performance depends on the model quality. Number of different tools help us manage the health and quality of BIM projects.

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